Since my first Reiki class in 2010, I have been actively working to balance my life through the study of energy medicine. One of my passions is to use my training to help others bring balance and well-being to their lives as well. Since that first Reiki class, I have expanded my knowledge and practice into many other forms of complementary therapies including aromatherapy, healing with herbs, and through the use of sound and crystals. I consider the health of the body, mind, and spirit when working with each client, in order to promote overall life balance.

In addition to my interest in energy medicine for humans, I have extended my practice to animals. I am a large and small animal massage practitioner. While performing hands on massage, I can also offer “animal specific” energy work and aromatherapy. Through my pursuit of energy healing for both people and their pets, I have become interested in the theory of how our pets teach us by reflecting our own emotional and physical states. While studying this theory, I completed case studies that helped me learn to integrate holistic modalities for both people and pets in order to promote wellness for the entire family.

Currently I offer a variety of services. I work with you to customize a treatment that may include any combination of therapies to include Reiki, aromatherapy, and healing with crystals or sound. Animal energy work and massage sessions may be scheduled at clients’ homes for both large and small animals. For those who wish to further their own learning, please consider attending one of my classes that focus on healing for both humans and animals ———- classes such as: “What is Reiki?”, “Animal Wellness Series”, and “Reiki training” classes.

My certifications include Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna Reiki Master. I am a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. I am certified as a Holistic Aromatherapist from Mind, Soul, and Self, and am a Professional Member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. I have a certificate in Sound Healing and Holistic Healing with Herbs from the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine. I have studied transpersonal energy work and am a graduate of the Free Spirit School of Integrated Energy Healing. I also have a certification in Animals and Energy Work from RAPHA, as well as, a certificate of graduation from the Northwest School of Animal Massage.

I believe in giving back to the community and I currently volunteer at Elmbrook Humane Society. I have provided classes in canine massage to other volunteers, as well as provided Reiki and massage to the shelter animals there. I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and have worked for more than 20 years with clients in the private sector to improve the lives of individuals with physical, cognitive, and mental health issues. I am excited to combine my many passions in order to help people and their pets “become their best selves” through effective, holistic techniques that help to balance the whole self: body, mind, and spirit.